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Game of Thrones S01 Complete Dual Audio [Hindi – English] 720p BRRip [Complete]

Game of Thrones S01 Complete Dual Audio [Hindi – English] 720p BRRip

Game of Thrones
TV-MA | 57min | Action, Adventure, Drama
Creators: David Benioff, D.B. Weiss
Stars: Emilia Clarke, Peter Dinklage, Kit Harington
In the mythical continent of Westeros, several powerful families fight for control of the Seven Kingdoms. As conflict erupts in the kingdoms of men, an ancient enemy rises once again to threaten them all. Meanwhile, the last heirs of a recently usurped dynasty plot to take back their homeland from across the Narrow Sea.


Audio: Hindi , English

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Game of Thrones S01 Episode 1 720p540MB

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Game of Thrones S01 Episode 2  720p590MB

Game of Thrones S01 Episode 2 480p270MB

Game of Thrones S01 Episode 3 720p530MB

Game of Thrones S01 Episode 3 480p250MB

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Game of Thrones S01 Episode 5 720p530MB

Game of Thrones S01 Episode 5 480p250MB

Game of Thrones S01 Episode 6 720p530MB

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Game of Thrones S01 Episode 7 720p530MB

Game of Thrones S01 Episode 7 480p240MB

Game of Thrones S01 Episode 8 720p530MB

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Game of Thrones S01 Episode 9 720p530MB

Game of Thrones S01 Episode 9 480p240MB

Game of Thrones S01 Episode 10 720p500MB

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  1. S.Q says:

    All Episodes upload plz

    1. Thor says:

      Plzzz upload fast but ni hindi.
      It’s amazing serial

  2. Niks says:

    Tanks bro all episodes upload hindi mein

  3. Vishal says:

    When will be you upload next episode?
    Plzz do it asap….

  4. Pawan Dubey says:

    Dear sir please upload all season in Hindi this is awesome u r first GOT uploaded in Hindi relly it’s nice.

  5. Deba says:

    plz nex episd uplode 1st??

  6. neerajam says:

    Comment Text* Add GOT episodes in 480p also. and please upload it very soon as a catalog. hoping you’ll make it fast.

    1. admin says:

      Done Bro…

      1. Usman says:

        Plz sir upload next seasons all episodes

  7. admin says:

    Any One who Need Notification Upcoming Episode Comment Your Email . Your Email Comment Not Publish in Public.

    1. want notification of GOT hindi dubbed episode uploads

    2. shadab says:

      Notice me when upload you next episodes

    3. NIHAL VERMA says:

      notify me
      for next episode

      1. subhronil says:

        notify me for next episode

    4. muzaffar ghori says:

      thank you to uploading this. please notify me about new episodes.

    5. msk says:

      next season.

    6. Narendar says:

      Please update about second season of GOT

    7. rohit aryan says:

      plz give update …

    8. Armaan says:

      Notify me next episode

    9. Armaan says:

      Notify me please upload next episode

    10. satyandra Choudhary says:

      Upload next season

    11. Deepak swami says:

      plz uploads secret game episode

      1. admin says:

        Already Uploaded Full Season

  8. Dhamma says:

    Thanks Bro upload all the seasons soon plz thanks a lot

  9. Yasir says:

    Upload all episodes please

  10. Junnu says:

    Are yrrr download hi nhi ho rha h…are ……….

    1. admin says:

      Watch Tutorial and learn how to download.

      1. Aftab barbhuiya says:

        Bhai next season kab upload Karoge

  11. thanks for game of thrones in Hindi.
    .. weighting more episodes in Hindi …I am very excited for this .

  12. admin says:

    Episode 3 Audio Problem Solved… Thanks For Comment.

    1. Narendar says:

      Please upload second season also of GOT,

  13. Ajay choudhary says:

    Bro..next episodes kab upload kroge….I am waiting

  14. Ajay choudhary says:

    Awesome series…plz bro upload next episode s

  15. Rajpoot says:

    Please upload All episode

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    Bro plz upload episode countiunesly

  17. Sefali says:

    Plz upload all episodes

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  20. ravi says:

    more plzzzzz moree. atleast 1 episode per day. its request. plzzzzz.

  21. mughal says:

    ep4 ???? waiting

  22. Ajay choudhary says:

    Bhai agle episodes daloge ya nhi

    1. admin says:

      jab release huga tab upload ker du ga…

      1. Selene says:

        Awww 🙁 me ney internet pe parha k is k sirf starting k 4 seasons hi hindi me aye hein :(. I really hope k ye sach na ho….

  23. madhubrata kunti says:

    send notification of more hindi episode.

  24. Atul kumar says:

    plz…plz…plz…bro upload ep-4

  25. Aftab syed says:

    Plzzzzz upload next. episode plz plz

  26. Sachin says:

    Hahaha only 3 episode

  27. Akram says:

    How long will compete episodes

      1. admin says:

        You Will Received Email After Uploading..

  28. Bunty says:

    Plz upload game of thrones all season in dual audio….

  29. anku says:

    bro upload the next episodes…plz be quick … don’t make us pussyyy

  30. imran ahmad says:

    thanks bro.pls upload next episode

  31. Shahrukh says:

    Asome bro nice hindi dubed thanks bro

  32. Nil says:

    Osm bro
    Plz upload all episode quickly
    And also upload guns and things episode if possible

  33. Dinesh says:

    Plz upload stranger things season 2 hindi dubbed.

  34. Ubaidurehman says:

    Bro GOT sea1 epi6 upload in hindi as soon as possible.

  35. Dhamma says:

    Upload daily 1 episode plz

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  40. mayank says:

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  41. Anwar Shaikh says:

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  42. hope that u will upload all seasons in Hindi SooooN

  43. SAUD says:

    you are best uploaded got new dubbed I can’t wait (saud)

  44. sumit says:

    season 2 upload plz in hindi

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    Admin season 2 b start kro hindimain plz

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  47. SaFiQ says:

    Can you uplode the season 2 in hindi All episodes…
    Pls..i request..to you..uplodade.. season 2.


  48. Junaid Usmani says:

    Upload Episode 9 please!

  49. Viku says:

    Episode 10 plzz

  50. Bilal says:

    Bhai yaar love you ?
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  56. Junaid Usmani says:

    Please Upload Episode 10

  57. sunil says:

    plzzz upload all season…this is interesting story

  58. muzaffar ghori says:

    thanks for season 1. next season bhi available hoto plz upload as soon as possible…

  59. Will the second season come or not?

  60. Puneet kumar says:

    Please second season upload in Hindi

  61. Anil says:

    pllzz.. sir.
    upload next. Season 2 episodes

  62. sumit says:

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    When coming season 2 come soon I am wating

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    Pls uplode next episode

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    Sir please please please
    Upload next season 2 episode

  67. Vishal says:

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  69. Dhaval Anjani says:

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    Please upload season 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 step by step

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  80. Vishal says:

    Bhai jaldi upload karo yaar next season 2

  81. Gaurav says:

    Good job bro

  82. Season 2 send krr jldi deual audio

  83. Thank you very much to the kind Admin(s).
    Please, add other season’s episodes too.
    I’m waiting eagerly for them….

    Thank you team fullmaza.org …..you guys r really great ?

  84. Jarif Ahmed says:

    Upload next episode

  85. Satyam says:

    Jaldi upload karo Bhai next season 2

  86. Abhishek jha says:

    Next season ke video kb doge ispe.. ??
    Or kitna wait krna hoga?

  87. Anuj Pal says:

    Please upload game of thrones season 2,3,4,5,6,7 in Hindi dubbing

  88. Gufran belim says:

    Bhai season 2 3 4 5 6 7 on to upload kroge please btana

  89. Talha says:

    Bhai please season 2 upload kro yar

  90. अर्क says:

    सीजन 2 जल्दी अपलोड करिये

  91. Viku says:

    Bhai kuchh to bataoo season 2 ayega ya nehi plzzz replay…

    1. admin says:

      yar 1-2 month tak aye ga main sirf upload or encode kerta hu dubbed official company wale karte hain.

      1. Selene says:

        ye dardnak hey but sach hey 🙁 -_-

  92. Ranjay says:

    Upload the so 2 plc

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    Bhai aa ghe ka apisote ai ga ki nahi 10 bad wala kab ai ga bolo plz

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    I req to plz upload all season in hindi

  96. Rohit Hari says:

    Plz game of thrones all season’s

  97. Devendra says:

    I love the season 1. Its amazing. Will you upload season 2??? I want to watch in hindi.

  98. Sidharth says:

    Please add season 2 in hindi soon

  99. Parth says:

    hey ! plz notify m on next season


    bhai yaar season 2 jaldi upload kro yr..

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    Please upload all episodes as soon as possible .

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  105. Max_siddik says:

    Aisa serial zindagi me nahi dikha

  106. Ankur says:

    Plz upload season 2 , Jaldi karo Bhai , Wait nhi ho paa raha h

  107. Nirmal das says:

    Fantastic next episode plz….. You are amazing…

  108. Prakash says:

    Sir please upload season 2

  109. Ashutosh says:

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  110. Ashu says:

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  111. Vipul says:

    Upload second season

  112. Aadil Khan says:

    Bhai season 2 kab upload karoge
    Bahut wait karliya ab sabr nhi hota

  113. Hasanali says:

    Sab season hindi me uplode honge na itna bata dijiye sir

    1. admin says:

      august ko 2 season upload huga

      1. Mohin belim says:

        Ok brother

  114. Viku says:

    Thanks for information

  115. Irshad khan says:

    Dear sir when you upload us.e of thrones season 2 please hurryup

  116. Sajid says:

    Bhai dusra part nahi aiga kya
    Nahi aiga to boldo roz dekhna parta hai
    Aya ki nahi

  117. सूरज says:

    यार दूसरा एपिसोड कब अपलोड करोगे

  118. arif gazi says:

    Comment Text please upload me season 2 sar

  119. Sohail says:

    2nd Season..???,☹️☹️

  120. Rupesht Tomar says:

    Game of thrones season 2 kb ayega jldi laye..

  121. Rupesht Tomar says:

    Pls upload 2nd soon….

  122. Rupesht Tomar says:

    2nd season nhin ayega Kya Hindi me pls rply….

  123. Rupesht Tomar says:

    Next season nhin ayega Kya Hindi me pls rply….

  124. Rajat says:

    Plzz sir notify mee when season 2 upload…. Aur plzz jldi kijiye season 2 upload

  125. Rajat says:

    Plzz sir notify mee when season 2 upload…. Aur plzz jldi kijiye season 2 upload ??

  126. Aman says:

    Thank you very much sir for upload game of thrones in Hindi please upload all seasons in Hindi thanks in advance
    Thank you thank you thank you very very very much

  127. Manoj says:

    Pls upload 2nd soon….

  128. Rohit says:

    Plz all seasons upload fast bro.

  129. Ashu says:

    Kya Yaar nhi upload karoge kya , nhi hoga too bata doo na Yaar ki upload nhi ho payega , itna wait kyu Kara rahe hoo

  130. Krishna rajput says:

    Game of thrones season 2 ep 1 to 10 all uploads ki jiye please

  131. Gufran says:

    Bhai August ka bola tha adha to month nikl Chuka he

  132. erzan says:

    bro when you el upload next season…be fast broda

  133. ZsAli says:

    Season2 Kahn hy rasty mein gome ho Gaya Hy kaya

  134. Kamran says:

    Yaar season 2 Urdu dubbing mein kab aayega

  135. Rahul says:

    Bhai Kuch clear karoge , ki season 2 upload Hoga ki nhi , hoga bhi too kabtak hoga . Pura august too jane wala h

    1. admin says:


  136. RAJAT KUMAR says:


    1. Muhbat says:

      Sir G O T Ka Second season kab aega plz reply

  137. vimal says:

    plzzz upload season 2 in hindi

  138. vishrut sharma says:

    Admin I got the news that got season 2 dual audio will be released on 1st Sept.
    Plz inform me via mail

  139. Dheeraj arya says:

    Bhai …the 100 kaa season 2 kb upload kroge

  140. Vijay Pandit says:

    Plz inform all episode release date all serial

  141. Sardar two says:

    bhot ahchi wapsaid hai

  142. Anonymous says:

    Plz add flash s1 e17 etc…….

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